Sauna menus



Karelian meatballs with mashed potatoes 14€
Shrimps with garlic and dill (300g) 16€
Homemade sausages and hash browns 18€
Salmon sandwich 8€



For groups (pre-order)



Меnu 138

  • Meat soup
  • Warm smoked salmon and potatoes
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fish plate (caviar, chef’s salted fish, eel)



Меnu 244

  • Creamy salmon soup
  • Spiced lamb shoulder
  • Vegetable ratatouille
  • Fresh vegetables



Меnu 352

  • Goulash stew
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Meat plate (reindeer tongue, smoked deer, mushroom salad, pork roll, pickles)
  • Veal stewed with beer, root vegetables


Bread basket
Home-brewed beer, juice