A la Carte



Freshly home-salted whitefish 14€
Chef’s salted salmon with lemon and herbs 12€
Salmon tar-tar 15€
Deer tongue under the fresh horseradish chips 15€
Russian pickles with warm potatoes (recommended for 2) 14€
Meat plate (dried venison, jellied meat, deer tongue, mushroom salad…) (recommended for 2) 24€
Fish plate (salted salmon, fish follicle, salmon tartar, red caviar, smoked salmon…) (recommended for 2) 27€
Salmon on potato pancake 7€
Crispy whitefish with aioli 17€



Salad Olivier, decorated with thin slices of smoked venison 14€
Salad with smoked salmon, lettuce and fragrant dressing 16€
Salad with warm Lapland cheese, fresh vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and bread croutons 16€


Hot hors d’ouvres

Fried goat cheese with honey apple, glazed walnuts and cloudberry sauce 17€
Homemade pancakes with wild salmon, leek, farmer’s cream under the gentle caviar sauce 15€


First course

Beetroot soup “Borsch” 7/12€
Finnish fish soup with garlic croutons 7/12€
Scandinavian soup with lamb, vegetables and sun-dried tomatoes 7/12€
Mushroom cream soup with dill and chips from grain bread 7/12€


Warm fish dishes

Loach baked with tomato souffle, grilled vegetables and leek sauce 24€
Zander fillet with stewed vegetables and creamy sour cream sauce 27€
Grilled salmon on a plate of stewed barley with shrimp sauce and salad 19€


Hot meat dishes

Farmer’s lamb with potato gratin 29€
Farmstead chicken stewed with mini vegetables 18€
Deer fillet with potato strudel, onion brushwood and lingonberry sauce 37€
Duck fillet with apples, celery, lingonberry-honey sauce and wild rice 34€
Farmers sausages with potato pancakes, sauerkraut, spicy tomato sauce and baked garlic 17€
Venison Beefstroganoff 16€


Pasta and ravioli

Spaghetti with butter and cheese 14€
Ravioli with mushrooms 16€
Pasta with salmon and shrimps 18€
Ravioli with meat 12€



Chocolate fondant with a mascarpone sauce, blackberries and nuts 14€
Warm Lappish cheese with cloudberries jam 16€
Strawberry soup 9€
Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream 16€
Finnish rye pudding with natural yogurt 16€
Seabuckthorn sorbet 8€