A La Cart Breakfast

Breakfast in the Castle is prepared immediately before serving, individually for each guest.

You will be offered the Breakfast A La Cart menu, then tou will select the desired position, and the time of your breakfast.


Oatmeal with milk and butter 3€
Porridge with nuts, raisins and honey (porridge served with jams and honey) 4€
Scrambled eggs 3€
Scrambled eggs with bacon 4€
Hard boiled egg / boiled 1€
Benedict egg with toast and bacon / salmon 4€
Scrambled eggs / cheese omelet 4€
Sausages 4€
Croissants 3€
Karelian pies with egg pate 5€
Bread basket (several species of fresh homemade bread, mini donut, mini pie with apple, jam, honey, chocolate cream) 7€
Plate with cheese and ham 4€
Pancakes (with ice cream / jam) 7€
Natural yogurt with fresh berries and nuts 4€
Muesli with yoghurt 4€
Fruit plate 7€
Teapot with tea custard 3€
Coffee Americana 2€
Capuccino, espresso 3€
Шампанское Moёt & Chandon 0,35 15€