3Q0D7255The restaurant halls of the Rantalinna Castle can comfortably accommodate up to 70 people, and have an excellent opportunities forarea zoning. The castle has a large banquet room for large campaigns and cozy rooms, where guests can enjoy in the privacy of their meals.

Interior of the restaurant will delight our guests whith elegance and noble grandeur of antique furniture, decorative wall art, each room has a fireplace. All the windows of the restaurant are overlooking the lake. In summer you can comfortably sit on the terrace with views of the sunset, or in the barbecue area.

Thanks to a carefully selected range of dishes, a wide selection of the best wines , a refinement of the environment, you can peacefully enjoy your vacation.

In our service , we are guided by the principle of individual approach and the highest level of product quality and bigstock-duck-with-potatoes-35506478service. Preference is given to friendly and natural products of local origin.

Please also note, that you can use the service to organize catering and serving food in our luxury cottages, or in the bath complex. In the bath complex you will find a barbecue for 45 people. This is a good opportunity to combine the chamber slightly elevated atmosphere of a castle with the free atmosphere of outdoor recreation.