Rantalinna’s Saunas

In Finland, the sauna has long been a tradition. The first saunas in Finland appeared 2000 years ago. An old Finnish proverb says: “The sauna should be used for anyone who is able to reach it.” On the territory of Rantalinna Castle you can find 3 baths (saunas) and you may relax in each of them. It will allow you to relax after a busy day away from the bustle of the city and will fill you with the harmony and peace.


The traditional Finnish sauna at Castle

The traditional Finnish sauna invites our guests to relax and experience the healing properties of Finnish sauna. The sauna also has a small lounge and a terrace. To rent a sauna for private use please contact reception.

The large sauna (located on the shore)

We offer our guests the royal wooden sauna, where we have a completely different atmosphere. This kind of sauna is heated beforehand in compliance with all requirements and regulations. This process takes a long time, but it is rewarded with magnificent flavor, rich and soft steam baths. Nothing can compare with the cozy crackle of birch logs in the oven, the smell of them and the magic of fire. The sauna fits 25 persons and the outdoor grilling place fits 40 persons. Near the sauna house is a spacious bathing tub with warm water.

Lunches and dinners can be served to you right in the sauna, or cooked in your presence at the stake or in a special oven grill, our chef can even cook a whole lamb for you. The sauna must be reserved beforehand.

The small sauna (on the shore)

A little walk across the park , and you will see our cozy little sauna building. Outside it is the same as hundred years ago, when the castle was owned by the Prince and inside – renovated. It attracts our guests with the charm of simplicity and privacy. After the sauna you can plunge into the lake and experience the magic of its soft waves.