Winter activities

fishingIce Fishing

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor even beginners can easy discover the fascinating world of ice fishing. Incomparable entertainment for fishing – ice fishing! We will provide you with everything you need for ice fishing from fishing rods to a thermos of hot coffee and lunch.





Emotional discharge and a feeling of speed and power will bring you snowmobiling on the frozen lake or on specially engineered routes.




Our active guests will appreciate the joy of physical activity in the frosty air of the Rantalinna ski slopes, which are located on the frozen lake near the castle. Also, the county has a variety of groomed ski trails in the surrounding areas and lighted ski trails. Weather pleases the local region.The region is dominated by bright sunny frosty days, and is very popular among skiers.




Reindeer sleigh ride and lunch in a traditional tent


Sami people, Northern indigenous people, still carry on reindeer herding. Sami got everything they needed in life from reindeer herding. Meat and milk as food, clothes and footwear from hide and horns were used to build tools and housekeeping items. Sami lived nomadic life and reindeers were stubborn but reliable form of transport, and tradition of reindeer sleighing was born.

To see and meet these Nordic animals, you don’t need to go to Lapland. Now herders bring these wonderful animals in region for winter season. From December till April you can participate on a reindeer ride, meet reindeers and feed them lichen, reindeer’s favorite food!

After reindeer sleigh ride we serve lunch in a traditional tent where you can enjoy some salmon prepared over a fire and pot tea, and hear stories and traditions of reindeers.