The rules of accomodation

Dear Guests!

You are kindly requested to comply with established policies

  1. Do not disturb guests staying at the hotel, keep the peace and order.
  2. Directly follow fire safety rules.
  3. The building and interior decoration of many of the items are under the protection of the museum, both artistic and historical values ​​also.We hope that this fact, bringing a distinctive flavor and sophistication to your holiday, will ensure appropriate handling of pieces of furniture and decor of the hotel.
  4. When booking available in the hotel rooms, saunas as well as services available in the list, please consider booking conditions, as well as timely and fully payment for services provided for you.
  5. Leaving the room, make sure that the valves and windows are closed , turn off lights and appliances.
  6. It is Not allowed to change the rules of the hotel location and zabirat furniture and decor of the room.
  7. It is not recommended to invite a number of strangers, leave guests alone in the room, pass keys, leave the room door open.
  8. In case of loss or damage of the hotel property, we recomend you to recover the cost of the damage in full.
  9. Do not store flammable materials in the room, weapons, chemical and radioactive devices.
  10. Do not hold animals in the room.
  11. The hotel offers our guests the safety of personal things (stuff) in the room, if our gests will follow our Order of residence.
  12. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of of money, credit cards, jewelry, that were not deposited.
  13. In the event of loss of personal belongings from the room immediately report the incident to the hotel to take the necessary measures.
  14. In order to ensure your security at the time of your arrival, you can be questioned on your purpose of visiting , please take note of this fact and please trest it with all possible understanding.

We hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay in the hotel of Rantalinna.