hotelThe historic castle and hotel Rantalinna is a local tourist attraction.

The castle itself is a building in Art Nouveau style, built in 1912. Earlier Rantalinna was the residence of Prince Alexander of Oldenburg, a member of the Romanov family. Now it is a current hote,l that offers its guests a comfortable accommodation in a fully LUX class rooms.

The interiors of the castle are restored to its original appearance, some decorations and even furniture were exhibited at antique fairs, the atmosphere of the castle has kept the spirit of authenticity and today offers our guests the grandeur of bygone ages.

Rantalinna attracts connoisseurs and experts of history, being a superb architectural ensemble of artistic and historical heritage.

The first floor of the castle, now a restaurant Rantalinna, as in those days when there lived Prince and Princess of Oldenburg, in all its splendor ,is used for events and celebrations.

On the second floor we rooms, (there lived Prince and Princess), a spacious lounge with a cozy fireplace and a largehotel2 balcony with elegant columns.

The third floor is given over to the rooms of the castle,at the same time we have a lovely place at the pinnacle( suite), which we offer to newlyweds.It will welcome you with tenderness and nobility of its exquisite furnishings.

The Total number of rooms in Rantalinna consists of 14 elegant and spacious rooms, including 4 suites, 2 single rooms and 8 spacious rooms for a comfortable DOUBLE or TWIN placement. All rooms are featured with unique decor and fine elegance unique style. All this is perfectly combined with modern amenities and technology.

Near The castle we have a beautiful historic park with paths and benches, bath complexes, landscaped barbecue area and a fully equipped marina for yachts and boats. The total area is 10 hectares.

parkThere is also a wide range of thoughtful activities, great menu and a great selection of wines, that will allow you to diversify your vacation and get a truly memorable experience.

Enjoy the elegant atmosphere of the castle, on the backdrop of the majestic pine trees, clean air, clear water of the lake Saimaa in a pleasant distance from the bustle of the city!