Dinner A La Mannerheim

Restaurant Rantalinna offers guests unique opportunity, we have developed a special menu of favorite dishes of Marshal Mannerheim.

Mannerheim made a significant contribution to the history of the country. Coming from the noble family, he had a refined taste, and is also famous for his keen interest in cuisine. Marshal even collected recipes that made a special impression on him.

We invite you to dive into cuisine from early 20th century and enjoy Marshal’s favorite dishes.

Dinner must be booked in advance.

Menu below.

Marskin ryyppy is a special blend of strong alcohol. Mannerheim’s adjutant created it to hide the taste of cheap vodka. The ingredients of the mixture have been up for debate for almost 50 years, and the original ingredients are not even available anymore. Basically, it is mixture of vodka, vermouth, akvavit and gin or some of these.