Rantalinna’s open-air art exhibition

Art exhibition in Rantalinna since 25.5.

This summer season in Rantalinna there is an art exhibition in the park area. Exhibition is free and open to everyone. Works are made by sculptor Samuli Alonen.1353526088867_1_large

Samuli Alonen is young and already well-known sculptor from Finland.
Samuli was born in Jyväskylä, to artistic family, and has been interested in sculpting since childhood.

His extremely positive, inspiring and extraordinary artworks are known not only in Finland but also worldwide. As Samuli Alonen told, nature is a source of his inspiration, as well as dreams and visions inspire him.

Sculptor has won prestigious rewards more than 20 times, has been participating in more than 40 exhibitions in Finland, Belgium, Germany and even Japan.

Samuli Alonen is using bronze in his artwork, and granite from central parts of Finland.

DSC_0110 (1)His creation “City birds” is well known in Europe and has became his signature work.

Samuli Alonen’s sculptures are exposed at many museums and city municipalities in all over Finland, some of them you can see in Russia, Europe and China.

At his own studio Pykälistö in Jyväskylä there is a remarkable open air exhibition of both Samuli and Kari Alonen’s art.


This summer in Rantalinna’s park is Samuli Alonen’s private art exhibition. Guests can enjoy nice pieces of art as well as lakeside view.

You can find his web page here.