Composer and pianist Renara 26.03.2016

Renara Akhoundova (1) (1)Renara Akhoundova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. She grew up in a family of intellectuals in a culturally mixed environment – Russian culture together with her native Azerbaijani. Renara debuted on the piano at the age of three years and showed exceptional musical talents from the start.

Later Renara began serious musical training at the Central School of Music Conservatory in Baku, where she studied for 11 years, as a student of Yegoroval Lydia. Renara has won several prizes in many competitions and held outdoor concerts. She then discovered a talent and special taste for improvisation.

Later Renara was cabaret pianist, where she could improvise as much as she wanted. This was a reason to stay in Paris. “The greatest happiness that I can imagine is when I sit down in front of piano and play, without limits. I dive into music – or rather the music comes into me and I just have to show it to the world.”

In 2004 in Strasbourg she met Anne van Stappen. She was touched by Renara’s performing, and Renara got invited to Belgium to write music to a document film. That’s how Renara’s first album “Marshall” was born. “I was interested in one of my friend’s opinion – Stelios Damianos, the composer of Demis Roussos. He said he liked my music and that I must compose“.

Renara performed concerts around the worls – Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Estonia and Russia for example.

In 2005 Renara was lucky once again, when she was contacted by Paul de Sennevile, author of many famous compositions played by, among others, Richard Cleyderman. He offered to sign her with his recording studio, Delphine Productions, which is leading French music exporter to the world. The same year Renara finished her second album “Life”.

Year 2006 seemed to be fruitful for Renara, when she published two new albums: “Gift” and “Light”. Same year she composed new album “The Meeting with the Teacher”. “My work kept growing, and this is to thank everyone who supported me and the people I love: Anne van Stappen and Michelle Van Bellingen (Belgium), Marshall Rosenberg (USA), Paul de Sennevile (France), Mirzakarim Nobrekov, Yuri and Yelena Berestnikovy, Alexander Dadiani and Tatiana Grill. Special thanks to Archbishop Artemy Vladimirov who strenghtened my belief in keeping to move forward.

About creativity:

Renara’s music – a tale of human destiny, that everyone creates for themselves, pleading to bright ideals. It works for people. They are essential part of atmosphere and feelings, that are so close and easy for everyone to understand.

Renara – original composer and perfomer of small lyrical genre. She discuss with the audience with harmony and with international language of love. All her work deeply touches the listeners. They make us think, care, inspire and reload.

Concert is on 26th of March at 15.00.

Limited amount of tickets, please reserve in advance.